Before buying, please contact with us as far as possible to prepare the computer , because, depending on the make and model of the car and the opportunities are in the type of driver, the computer can be ready for installation by our electronics in different ways:

a) With fixed pin code (CAR PASS) from the previous car, so that by means of the diagnostic device when connected ecu to car you need reset the computer, then enter the pin code of the car in which the driver to install the program it with immobilizer.

b) Clean ecu. Ecu with a clean security pin code (CAR PASS) , after connected ecu to the car must be programmed it by special diagnostic device by introducing pin code of the car in which this you are installing to program with an immobilizer.

c)Plug & Play – excluded immobilizer, they have removed safety codes from the ecu , after connected ecu to the car , engine runs , do not require any programming, but does not have the immobilizer function.

d) Plug & Play – By automatically adding the code, after connected computer to your car engine automatically installs security code
No need for additional programming.

e) Plug & Play – Cloned computer has made ​​through our electronic data from the car in which it will be installed.To prepare the computer you must send us the damaged driver which will be transferred to secure data to proper functioning computer
(Must be provided faulty driver communication with the car or diagnostic device , without proper communication can not be cloned Security code).


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